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sell your condo guaranteed

sell your condo guaranteed

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We work with the following
types of condos

Valued up to
₱ 6,000,000
Price per sq/m up to
₱ 120,000
Floor area up to
85 sq/m
Turned over in
2008 or later

How it works?

  • 1
    Fill out the form about your condo unit and get an offer in 2 hours
  • 2
    Accept the commercial offer, which stipulates the property's fixed selling price
  • 3
    Sign the Contract. We will then pay you ₱50,000
  • 4
    Our professional photographer will take photos of the condominium unit and we will launch marketing campaigns to generate inquiries
  • 5
    All other tasks related to selling the property will be handled by us, including telesales operations and viewing appointments
  • 6
    We will initiate and take full control of the all processes until the consummation of the sales transaction
  • 7
    Kvarta’s consideration will be taken from the buyer’s advance

Our advantages

Our team will take care of all the paperworkOur extensive experience with documentary processing will make life so much easier for you
Innovative condo appraisal by AI using big dataAll condos submitted for appraisal are processed with our special algorithm that completely eliminates the human factor
Real-time tracking of your digital sales progressUsing your personal account, you may monitor the number of buyer inquiries and condo viewings

About our product

Fixed condo sale price
Maximum 5 months for us to sell the property
We'll pay you ₱50,000 after you've signed our contract
Should you find a buyer on your own within this 5-month period, we'll help you process the sale