About Us

Kvarta is a company that diversifies buying and selling real estate properties for the people in Manila

Amazing Services

Kvarta is the first and only company that offers personal accounts for its sellers. Sellers also have the ability to do everything online such as:

Receive a condo price offer

Securely upload documents for verification

Choose a convenient date for the virtual condo viewing

Pick the best date for the signing of the contract


Kvarta Mission

Our mission is to provide the best customer experience during a real estate transaction. We do our best to make the purchase or sale of properties easy, simple, and hassle-free, as it should be

Company Advantages

For Sellers
Competitive market value
We'll find you a buyer
We'll manage all processes until the consummation of the transaction
We will sell your property fast
Submit for appraisal
For Buyers
Large selection of affordable condo units
Legal verification
All properties are ready for occupancy
Expert home loan application assistance
Book a viewing